For those that Inspire
Being a lover of music, I have always dreamed of seeing my jewelry on stage. 
Knowing that my work resonates with any one person is so satisfying, but to see one of my pieces on the “Big Stage”
is truly a dream come true.  

Music itself is inspirational, but most often the lyrics or a song title will inspire a piece. 

I have had the privilege of getting to know Rachel of CLOVERDAYLE and it has been fun to design pieces that work for her on stage.  This last year especially, on their winter NW Tour at the Moda Center, then this summer they performed on both stages at the Oregon Jamboree in front of thousands of fans. Each appearance, Rachel was singing with a piece that I have made especially for her.

It brings me such happiness to be apart of journeys all over the country… and know my art continues to inspires others- just as they inspire me.
NASHVILLE based husband and wife songwritting duo CLOVERDAYLE originally hail from the not-so-predicitable country outpost of the Pacific NW. 
Outside the studio and song writing world, CLOVERDAYLE is best known for the their energy-fueled and compelling live shows where they have shared the stage with industry heavy weights including Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum. 
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Dara Beery

Absolutely love this necklace!  Not only was specifically designed for me, but it has my favorite Blue with an Octopus!  The Octopus is my true spirit animal and it resonates with me on a deep personal level.
The industrial steam punk design is just amazing!  Thank you Carol Anne Designs for this beautiful necklace!
Dara Beery

Cherish Lytle Rietberg

Cherish found this necklace at a Trunk Show in Anaheim.  "When I found out that this piece was inspired by Carol Anne's trip to France, I knew I had to have it.  She told me the deep color blue in the Ice Resin reminded her of the river running peacefully behind the historical art retreat La Cascade in the Village of Dufort.  The white rose explains Carol Anne, was just like the one she found in the foyer of the ancient cathedral across the street and the beautiful crystals hanging from the pendant were found at a French Flea Market.  Once I knew all that...That was when I knew this piece was mine." 
Cherish Lytle Rietberg

Lena Patton

Instead of wearing my heart on my sleeve...I rather wear my heart on my heart thank you...handmade with these lovely hands of yours.
This piece spoke to me the minute i saw it!!!  It just seemed a natural fit for me and goes well with my "Love Luana" theme.
Carol Anne,  I love your style...different and exquisitely unique.
Lena Patton
Love Luana New Vintage Swimwear

Lisa Torres

Carol Anne is so creative and her jewelry is stunning!
I fell in love with the large blue vintage crystal on the hand forged copper choker necklace.  It grabbed my eye right away, a truly one of a kind piece.
Carol Anne explained to me that the necklace named, Simply Blue, and is a vintage crystal with a thin coat of Ice Resin and Blue Glass Glitter painted on the back.
I love large statement pieces and to imagine that this crystal might have sparkled over a gorgeous dining room table as people dined on amazing dishes, it touched my food loving heart.
Lisa Torres
Delicious Table
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